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Fun Stuff :D

These are random questions created by vanessa about vanessa because she is bored

What is my favorite food? CHOOOOOOCOLATE!!
Why dont i have a life? because my life is currently being comsumed by CHOOOOCOLATE!!
What is my favorite thing to do? I like covering my sisters with raw meat and leaving them in the forest for days without any sources of food or water and seeing what happens to them :3 JUUUUUUUST KIDDING... eating chocolate :D
Whats wrong with me? Im not sure, why dont you ask my therapist?? Dr. YummyChocolateBrain. He/she says that i have a mental disability and i seriously need help, but i dont believe him because i am perfectly normal!! wouldnt you agree squishy face?
Why am i typing random questions that have some relevance to chocolate? If you dont know the answer to this question by now then you are really a sad munchkin arent you?
Would you like me to tell you a story? Weell once upon a time there lived a crazy lady inside of a paper house. She was very sad and had no friends :( everyone felt sorry for her but in reality they did not because they were ungrateful potatoes and hated this mean old crazy sad lady. She died.
Arent i an amazing person? Nope :) im mean and cruel and enjoy torturing my food before i eat it
Who do i love most in the entire world? justin beiber!!! juuuuuuust kidding! harry styles ;) he is my future hubby... jk again i dont love anyoen because im lonely and no body want me D;
Created by: hollie jade