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More Subjunctive

AP French

FrenchEnglishSubjunctive or Indicative?
pour que so that, in order that S
afin que so that, in order that (formal) S
de façon que so that, in order that S
bien que/quoique although S
encore que although (literary) S
sans que without S
avant que before S
jusqu'à ce que until S
en attendant que until S
de peur que/de crainte que for fear that S
à moins que unless S
pourvu que provided that, as long as S
malgré que in spite of the fact that S
à condition que on the condition that, provided that S
nier to deny B
douter to doubt B
il semble it seems S
il me semble it seems to me I
penser to think B
croire to believe B
espérer to hope B
il est probable it is probable I
il est possible it is possible S
il se peut que it's possible S
il n'est pas probable it's not probable that S
est-il probable? is it probable? S
n'est-il pas probable? isn't it probable? I
après que after I
dès que as soon as I
aussitôt que as soon as I
puisque since I
tandis que while I
pendant que while I
quand when Q I
lorsque when L I
parce que because I
peut-être que maybe I
il est clair/vrai/certain it is clear/true/certain B
il paraît it seems B
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