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2/14/13 WD2 SA

database A collection of data that can be sorted and searched using search algorithms
table a collection of data about a limited topic organized into rows and columns in a database
field A category of information in a database table
record a collectin of info in a database table consisting of one or more related fields about a specific entity such as a person product or event
relational database a database that contains multiple tables related through common fields
common field a field contained in two or more database tables that forms a connection between the tables
relationship a connection between two or more database tables that is based on a field that the tables have in common
primary key a filed containing a value that uniquely identifies each record in a database table
foreign key a field in a related database table that refers to the primary key in primary table
one-to-one relationship in a databases a relationship in which each record in the table A can have only one matching record in Table B and vice versa
one-to-many relationship In databases a relation in which a record in Table A can have multiple matching record in Table B but a record in Table B has only one matching record in Table A
many-to-many relationship In databases a relationship in which one record in Table A can relate to many matching records in Table B and vice versa
junction table a database table containing foreign-key fields that refer to the primary key fields from the primary tables in many to many relationships
query A questin posed by a user to a database to request database info. the database retuns the query results based on criteria supplied by the user in the query
Structured Query Language (SQL) a language used to create and maintain pro high performance corporate database
database management system (DBMS) a program used to store access and manipulate database info
Common Gateway Interface a program that processes data submitted by the user. allows a web server to pass control to a software program based on user request the app receives and organace data then returns in a consistent format
Created by: ash.sa2