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Ex 2-4 IBCA

Study Guide

Command imput that tell computer which task to exucute
Gallery display pics not plain text
diolog Box window that selects options that effect the way program exucute commands
Task Pane window with additional options
Contexual tab ribbon tab in certain cituations
screen tip contains info when mouse is rested on certaion screen element
toggle command that can be switched on and off
live preview potential results of applying
access keys keystrokes used as mouse clicks
KeyTips pop-up letter that identifies access keys for commmands
submenu displays when you select command on another menu
shortcut menu relevent commands that display when you right click on them. (contex menu)
default standard setting or mode of operation
maximize enlarge window to fit full screen
minimize hide window so it appers as window
restore return previous window to previous size
restore down return a maximized window to previous size
zoom in increase size of document
zoom out decerease size of document
scroll shift displayed aera up down left and right
group button represent all open windows as one
active window window currently working
tile arrange windows so they wont overlap
AutoRecover automaticaly saves files
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