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mdihs fr3 imparfait

MDIHS fr3 Imparfait for quiz 2/15/13

Imparfait ending for "je" or "tu" -ais
Starting point (verb) for the formation of the imparfait tense "nous" in the present tense
Imparfait ending for the "il"/"elle"/"on" forms -ais
Which 4 forms are pronounced the same? "je", "tu", "il/elle" and "ils/elles" - all pronounced "ay"
Which is the ONLY verb that does not follow the same steps to form the stem? être - it's simply "ét-"
What letters do you "chop off" of the "nous" form in order to create the stem? chop off the "-ons"
Vous (were going) alliez
J'(was) young étais
Tu (were) 10 ans avais
Vous (were coming) veniez
Mes parents (used to drink) le thé buvaient
Nous (used to arrive) arrivions
On (was not making) ne faisait pas
Ils (used to sell) vendaient
Ils (were) très contents étaient
Je (used to live) habitais or vivais
Mon ami et moi (used to tell) des histoires imaginatives disions
Vous (used to study) étudiiez
Elle (was finishing) finissait
Le bébé (used to go to bed) très tôt se couchait
Je (had to) devais
Je (couldn't - was not able to) ne pouvais pas
parler (translate into English) to speak or to talk
dire (translate into English) to say or to tell
Qu'est-ce que vous (were saying)? disiez
Nous (used to know how) danser bien savions
Les Obama (used to know) Chicago, maintenant ils connaissent DC. connaissaient
Tu (used to see) voyais
Les étudiants (wanted) aller à la plage. voulaient
Created by: lfineman