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Romeo and Juliet

Changeable Variable
Obtain Procure
False Testimony Perjury
Prayer Invocation
Worship Idolatry
Bring to mind Conjure
Being formal, dignified Solemnity
Cleanse, Forgive,Absolve Purge
To give adequate reason for; to state with conviction Warrant
Problem causing resentment or complaint; grounds for resentment or complaint Greivance
Of special beauty or charm Exquisite
Virtuos, decent, pure in stylr or manner, virginal Chaste
To increase or intensify Augment
Brave Valiant
Enter without permission Trespass
Going beyond certain limits Transgression
Long, slender sword Rapier
Deadly Pernicious
Heavy weight on mind Oppression
Wedding Nuptial
Long or pine for Languish
Give us as punishment Forfeit
High rank Esteem
Temperment Disposition
Enemies Adversaries
Reckless or sexual Wanton
Exile Banishment
Disaster Calamity
Praise Commend
Skill Dexterity
Triumph Prevail
Settle Reconcile
Wicked Vile
To reduce, make less Abate
Orderly display Array
To deceive or trick Beguile
Structure for coffin Bier
Funeral Hymn Dirge
Deeply worried, tense, or bewildered Distraught
To develop pus, rot Fester
Kneel or fall flat Prostrate
Container Receptacle
Burial Cloth Shroud
Hate, detest, loathe Abhor
Druggest Apothcary
Loving Amorous
To plan secretly with someone Conspire
To plan, think up Devise
Kill, get rid of Dispose
Criminal Felon
Bury Inter
Lover Paramour
Tomb Sepulcher
Boring Tedious
Offensive, unclean, morally bad Unsavory
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