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Voc Words 4th Qtr

ACM 2nd year Literature

to cause to cease burning extinguised
a natural or artificial hole in the ground pit
to shape an agreement accord
to secure in a place tucked
to murder by sudden or secret attack assassinated
to wander aimlessly or casually without urgent destination meander
small round hill knolls
a small remaining quality of something remnant
a curved cutting tool used in farming sickle
a stream rivulet
the state of being alone solitude
cause pain or suffering afflict
flowering plant with prickly leaves thistles
to decline to a low,destitute or demoralized state degradation
deprived of something or someone bereavement
weapon of Arabs and Turks scimitar
to drive out banished
to weigh in mind pondered
stubborn person willful
a fertile or green area in an arid region oasis
to soothe the grief of console
Created by: ColSaCe101