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Johnny Tremain Ch.4

Chapter 4, J.T, The Rising Eye

who's problem is Merchant Lyte? Johnny Tremain
Why does Johnny say that he will not even think about inviting Isannah for a drive when he become an official Lyte?(Hint not in this chapter). Because she insulted him.
Which church said 10 o' clock? Christ's church.
When Johnny enters Merchant Lyte's mansion, why can't he speak? He is too excited.
How does the book describe the sea captains? Ruddy men with swaying walk steps
What made Mr.Lyte, not handsome. His yellow skin
Critical Thinking In the sentence "Mr.Lyte opened his jeweled snuffbox, took snuff, and sneezed and blew his nose." What can we infer that a snuff is? A tissue/handkerchief.
How does the book describe Sewall in the beginning ? He has a cherubic face, and kind.
What did Johnny call Mr.Tweedie. A spinster aunt dressed up in men's clothes. A squeak pig.
Created by: tparent831