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Gyn Disorder

Dr. Liu

Bleeding disorders in lower orfices Sp1, jing well point
all Gyn disorders as well as GI disorders intersection of Three foot Yin Sp6
Gyn disorders d/t spleen xu with damp acc Sp-9 he sea
Gyn disorders d/t blood stgn and blood stasis, skin disorders Sp-10
gyn disorders d/t Sp and Lv dyfx, intersection of sp and Lv Sp12
gyn disorders d/t shi and heat, ying spring Kd2
menstrual disorders d/t kd dysfx Shu Stream and Yuan Source Kd3
menstrual disorders d/t shi Xi cleft Kd5
gyn disorders w/ urinary difficulties and water retention d/t kd xu yin qiao mai influential point kd 6
hernias, sickness, seizures Kd9, beautiful baby point, Xi cleft of Yin Wei mai
uterine disorders d/t Kd and Chong Mai dysfunctions intersection of K and Chong Mai Kd12
Uterine disorders d/t Kd Xu intersection of K and Chong Mai Kd13
gyn disorders d/t shi and damp Kd14, Kd-Chong intersection
Gyn disorder d/t to lv function Shu stream and Yuan src Lv3
Vaginal and genital disorders w/ pain and itching He Sea Lv 8
Uterine and pudendal disorders L11
disorders of lactation St18
gyn disorders d/t Qi and blood stagn Front Mu of Li St25
gyn disorders d/t damp heat, cold damp and water retention in lower jiao. St28
gyn disorders d/t blockage of meridians St29
menstrual disorders d/t Chong dysfunction intersection of St & Chong Mai St30
gyn disorders d/t xu as well as GI disorders He-Sea pt ST36
Gyn disorders d/t blood xu Blood confluent point, UB17
gyn disorders d/t Lv dysfunction UB18
Gyn disorders d/t Sp dysfx UB20
Gyn Disorders d/t Kd dysfx UB23
Gyn disorders d/t Qi and blood stagn UB30
gyn disorders d/t lower jiao dysfx UB31-UB34, Ba liao
difficult labor, overdue labor Jing River Point , UB60
wrong fetus position, difficult labor Jing well point, UB67
disorders of lactation, difficult labor GB21, intersection of SJ, GB, Yang Wei Mai
menstrual and vaginal disorders d/t GB&DaiMai dysfx GB and Dai Mai intersection GB26
Vaginal and pelvic disorders d/t GB & Dai Mai dysfx GB and Dai Mai intersection, GB28
gyn disorders, d/t GB and liver damp heat, and liver Qi Stgn Shu Stream, point, Yuan Source, Dai Mai influential point GB41
PMS, menopause and other gyn disorders with shen disturbance Shu Stream and Yuan Source HT 7
pudendal disorders with itching as well as heart disorders Ht 8, ying spring point
insufficient lactation jing well, Si1
gyn disorders with shen disturbance and GI sx, Luo Connecting point, P6
menstrual and sexual disorder d/t kd yang Qi xu Du3
gyn disorders d/t Yang xu Du4
mastitis Du 9
prolapse of the uterus and vagina Du 20
menstrual, vaginal and pudendal disorders d/t to shi heat damp intersection of ren,liver meridian REN2
gyn disorders, mostly for shi types, Ren3, intersection of ren and 3 foot yin, front mu of UB
gyn disorders, mostly of xu type Ren4, intersection of ren and 3 foot yin, front mu of SI
gyn disorders d/t Qi dysfx Ren6
breast disorders and Qi disorders Front mu point of PC, Qi confluent point Ren17
Located at 4cun lateral to ren ren 4, prolapse of uterus, hernia Ti Tuo
located at 3 cun lateral to Ren 3, uterine and ovarian disorders, infertility Zi Gong
located at 3-4 cun to area between L4-L5, painful disorders in lower abd, lower back Yao Yan
located at the middle point of the first crease of the 2nd toe, menstrual disorders, uterine bleeding Du Yin
Four Gates LI4, Lv 3, Qi stagnation
Female four Gates SJ5, GB34, qi Stgn during menses or pregnancy, or mild Qi stgn
Four Flowes UB17, UB19, SOB, weakness, emaciation
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