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2/813 WD2 SA

object An element on a Web page that contains data and procedures for how that item will react when activated. On a Web page, an object is typically a multimedia presentation
object-oriented programming (OOP) Programming concept based on objects and data and how they relate to one another, instead of logic and actions; C++ and Java are OOP languages
Java an object-oriented programming language developed by sun mircrosystems that is fully cross platform
applets small program writtin in Java which are downloaded as needed and executed within a web page or broswer
dynamic Always changing.
interactive The characteristic of some hardware and software, such as computers, games and multimedia systems, that allows them to respond differently based on a user's actions
event-driven Reacting to particular user actions or the browser's completion of a specific tas
LiveScript the netscape developed scripting languages that was the predecessor to javescript
ActiveX An open set of technologies for integrating components on the Internet and within Microsoft applications.
Created by: ash.sa2