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Adobe ____ is a web development took that lets you create dynamic, interactive web pages containing text, images, hyperlinks, animation, sounds, video, and other elements. Dreamweaver
A _____is a group of related web pages that are linked together and share a coupon interface and design. website
A ___ is a large white area in the dreamweaver program window where you create and edit web pages. document window
A ___ shows the underlying HTML code for the page: Use this code to read and edit underlying code. code view
The _____ contains buttons that can be used to render different media types, but is available only if you document uses media-dependent style sheet. style rendering toolbar
Most information on a website is _____. text
____ also called links, are images or text elements on a web page that users click to display another location on the page, website, or another website. hyperlinks
____ is a comprehensive term that refers to attractive and engaging images, interactive elements, video, or animations. rich-media content
A ____ is a small sketch that represents every page in the website. storyboard
This folder is where you will store all of the files that are not pages, such as images and sound files. assets folder
The home page is called the Parent Page, because it is at a higher level in the web hierarchy and has pages linked to it. true
You should avoid using spaces, special characters, or uppercase characters in your folder names to ensure that all your files can be read and linked successfully on all web servers. true
You don't have to test the pages on your site after you make changes or update information. false
When designing a website, it is better to add blank pages as you go instead of adding all the pages you think you will need in the beginning. false
You should never use the files panel to add, delete, move, and rename files and folders in a website. false
What are the six phases for creating a website? Plan site, set up basic structure, create pages, test pages, modify pages, publish site.
A ____ is a web address that is expressed in letters instead of numbers and usually reflects the name of the business representing the site. domain name
___ a website means that you transfer all the files for the site to a web server. publishing
____: A window similar to the finder window where dreamweaver stores and manages files and folders. file panel
The most common screen size designers use today is ____. 1024 x 768
A ____ is a block of code that adds dynamic content such all rollovers or interactive forms to a web page. Javascript function
_____ are HTML codes that include information about the page such as the page title, keywords, and descriptions. meta tags
The ____ records each editing formatting task performed and displays them in a list in the order in which they were completed. history panel
A ___ is an area on a webpage that contains links to the main pages of a website. navigation bar
____, which is not necessarily white, is the area on the page that contains no text or graphics. white space
____ includes the page title that appears in the title bar of the browser and some important page elements, called meta tags, that are not visible in the browser. the head content
A ______ is a file used to assign sets of common formatting characteristics to page elements such as text, objects, tags, and tables. cascading style sheet
A ______ is a section of a web page defined and formatted using Cascading Style Sheets. CSS Block
____ is a value that represents the amount of red, green, and blue present in the color. hexadecimal RGB Value
It's ok to publish a web page that has a link to an unfinished page. false
Each task list in the history panel is called a step. true
When designing a web page, your very first decision you make should be setting the head content of your web page. false
When designing a website, it is better to add blank pages as you go instead of adding all the pages you think you will need at the beginning. false
The body is part of the page that appears in the browser window. It contains all the page content that is invisible to viewers such as text, images, and links. false
A common point of contact is a mailto: link, which is an email address that viewers with questions or problems can use to contact someone at the company. true
PICs are words that relate to the content of the website. false
List the steps in order you would need to follow to create a simple text-based only navigation bar. Type names of website's page at top of your web page, format text, and add links to each page name.
____ is a set of three font choices that specify which fonts a browser should use to display the text on your webpage. font combination
___ is a rating system for webpages that is similar to the rating systems used for movies. Platform for Internet (PIC)
____ is a short paragraph that describes the content and the feature of the website. description
____ code is code that does what it is supposed to do without using unnecessary instructions, which takes up memory. clean HTML
________ sets the formatting instructions, usually stored in a separated file, that control the appearance of content on a web page or throughout a website. cascading style sheets
____ make web pages visually stimulating and more exciting than pages that contain only text. images
_____ lists are lists of items that do not need to be placed in a specific sequence. unordered
______ lists are lists of items that are presented in a specific sequence and that are preceded by a sequential number or letter. ordered
_____ lists are similar to unordered lists but do not have bullets. definition
______ define the formatting attributes for individual styles, and are not classified by where the code is stored. rules
____ are CSS Code that is saved in a separate file. external style sheets
____ are CSS code that is saved as part of the head content of an individual web page. embedded styles
Code that is saved as part of the body of the HTML code is called _____. inline styles
The ____ is the name of the tag to which the style declarations have been assigned. selector
____ fonts are more ornate and contain small extra strokes at the beginning and then end of the characters. serif
____ fonts are block-style characters that are often used for headings and sub-headings. san serif
_____ is used for managing your styles. CSS Styles Panel
The ___ displays properties for a selected rule at the bottom of the panel. properties
____ style sheets are created automatically if the designer does not create them using default names for the rules External
_____ is an image format that downloads very quickly, is limited in the number of colors it can represent, has the ability to show transparent areas, is subject to licensing restrictions and is ideal for using on web pages. GIF
____ these files can display many colors, and cannot show transparent areas. JPEG
______ these files can display many colors, and can show various degrees of transparency called opacity. These files are also free to use with no restrictions. PNG
_____ is descriptive text that appears in the place of the image while the image is downloading or when the mouse pointer is placed over it. alternative text
You can use CSS to define consistent formatting attributes for page elements such as the text and tables in your website. true
Think of images as the "meat and potatoes" and the text as the "seasoning" false
Ordered lists are usually preceded by a bullet, or small dot or similar icon and are sometimes called bulleted lists. false
Unordered lists are appropriate for lists in which each item must be executed according its specific order. false
Cascading style sheets are made up of a set of formatting attributes called rules. true
CSS Code can be saved in 4 ways: External Style Sheets, Internal Style Sheets, Embedded Styles, and Inline Styles. false
All CSS Styles Sheets are saved as files with the .css extension and are stored in the directory structure of the website. false
You can insert a background image on a web page to provide depth and visual interest to the page, or to communicate a message or mood. true.
Created by: kady.ott