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Classic migraines start with a warning sign, called an ____. You may see flashing lights and colors or temporarily lose some of your vision. Aura
____ is an NSAID often used in headaches of all types. Aspirin
____ headaches occur when acute headache medications may be taken too often (more than two days per week). Rebound
Patients with headaches that last longer than ____ days should see their doctor. Three
Migraine headaches seem to be caused in part by changes in the level of a body chemical called ____. It plays many roles in the body, and it can have an effect on the blood vessels. Serotonin
____ is an acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine combination used in the Over-the-Counter treatment of headaches. Excedrin
Also known as Motrin, is a popular NSAID used in the treatment of all types of headaches. Ibuprofen
Three out of four are ____ headaches and are characterized by a steady ache rather than a throbbing one, and usually involve tight muscles in the lower back, neck area, and jaw. Tension
People who suffer from ____ headaches experience throbbing pain on one side of the head, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine
____ headaches usually strike men who smoke and drink and will recur over several weeks, with pain generally centering in one eye. Cluster
A ____ headache is usually a result of an allergic reaction, or an infection, the inflammation will cause a localized pain. Sinus
Sometimes ____ helps curb headaches. But heavy use, more than 600 milligrams a day, or about four to seven cups of coffee, may cause headaches. Caffeine
____ is a class of medications used in migraine headache prevention and in patients with high blood pressure. BetaBlockers
____ may be used in prevention for patients presenting with frequent migraine headaches and may have a seizure disorder. Divalproex
____ is a tricyclic antidepressant which may be used in migraine prevention. Amitriptyline
Liver toxicity is a severe adverse event that can occur after an overdose of ____. Acetaminophen
Sumatriptian (Imitrex) is an effective medication for all types of headaches, but is available only by ____. Prescription
Children less than ____ months old must be evaluated by a physician. Six
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