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Rodzina AR voc

bride the female who is being married in a wedding ceremony
clumsy awkward; not graceful; ungainly; lacking ease or beauty in motion
commenced started or started out; began or set out; embarked upon or started up; set in motion
ease make somewhat better; to relieve; to lighten or reduce a pain or burden; to loosen or reduce pressure or tension; to move gently, carefully, or easily; to lift or shift slightly
fetch to get and carry or bring back; to go after; to go and bring or take something back
mustache a patch, usually of whiskers or hair, that appears or grows above a person's top lip
opportunity a chance to improve one's self or situation; a moment or occasion; a turn or time
orphanage an institution for the care of children who have no parents; a place where children who have no parents live and receive care
overalls loose-fitting pants with an attached bib front and shoulder straps
pork made of meat from a pig or hog
responsible able to be trusted; willing and able to do one's duty; able to answer for an action or for one's behavior; being to blame or at fault; guilty; accountable
restless unable to relax or be still; stirred up or excited; impatient or in a hurry; antsy; fidgety; neither content nor satisfied with current circumstances; uncomfortable
saloon a place where drinks are served for a price; a tavern or a bar
shivered trembled or shook, usually from cold, fear, or strong feeling; made a small, shaking movement, often due to cold, fear, or excitement
unwanted not desired by others; not wished for; not popular; not loved; uninvited
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