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Yankee Doodle, Ch.11

Yankee Doodle, Ch. 11

What did Johnny wake up with? Dr. Warren's hand on his shoulder
What did Johnny hear outside on Tremont Street? clumping of army soldier boots
Where did the war begin? Lexington
Who won? British; 700 against 70
Where did Johnny go after he went to Cornhill? to the Province house
Who flung herself on to Johnny with tears streaming down her face? Madge
What did the flag stand for? it stood for the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights
Every cartilage box held how many cartilages exactly 36 cartilages
Every Musket had a bayonet
Every horse had 4 new shoes
What tune did the English army play whilst walking through the common? Yankee Doodle; to insult the Yankees (Americans)
What do the English men do the night before (it's a 'prophesy')? dance to Yankee Doodle
Where did Uncle Lorne go when Johnny sent him a message that they were arresting parties on the street? He went to Salt Lane
What did Uncle Lorne find at Salt Lane? The Door of his shop was shattered, the presses were broken, the type pied, and his and Rab's beds were torn by bayonets
Where was Johnny going to after he visited Uncle Lorne and Aunt Jenifer Beacon Hill to tell Thomas Gage one thing
Where are the British trying to go to? Charleston under the protection of Somerset's guns
Who were running down Cambridge Road through the bushes on Charleston Common Red Ants; British
What did Johnny see when he was at the Lyte's house? men loading furniture, old portraits, chests, trunks, and boxes onto carts and wagons
What is Cilla and Mrs. Bessie Whigs/Patriots
What does Mrs. Bessie call Isannah Izzy
What did Isannah like better than Boston London
Where is Isannah going to stay, Boston or London? London
Who is Vinny Lyte and Who did she fall in love with? Papa's Niece and she fell in love with him
What religion was Vinny Catholic
What was Johnny's father's real name Latour
Created by: tparent831