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Chapter 12-13 Review

Where was Dolly Madison from? Guilford County, N.C.
What event is Dolly Madison famous for? Saved portrait of George Washington from burning
Where is Andrew Jackson from? Waxhaw, N.C.
What event is Dolly Madison famous for? Defeated British at the Battle of New Orleans.
Where is Captain Otway Burns from? Onslow County, N.C.
What event is Captain Otway Burns famous for? Stopped British form sailing safely from Newfoundlands to South America.
Where is Captain Johnston Blakely from? Coast of N.C.
What event is Captain Johnston Blakely famous for? He commmanded the Wasp and Enterprise.
Where is Lieutant Colonel Benjamin Forsyth from? Stokes County, N.C.
What event is Lieutant Colonel Benjamin Forsyth famous for? He used sleds to cross frozen rivers at the Battle of Elizabethtown, Canada.
Who was Archibald D. Murphey? A man that wanted N.C. to be better.
What were some Internal Improvements? Deeper and safer harbors, construct canals to transport goods
What were some Public Education ideas? 1 elementary school, 10 high schools
What was a constitutional reform? Lessen Eastern power
What did the Compromise of 1820 make Missouri? A slave state
What did Maine become after the Compromise of 1820? A free state
What kind of territory was North of the Loiusiana Territory? Free
What kind of territory was South of the Loiusiana Territory? Slave
What was the journey that Cherokee indians made from N.C. to Oklahoma called? Trail of tears
What was the Manifest Destiny? The belief that U.S. was destined to expand from Atlantic Ocean seaboard to Pacific Ocean
What was the name of the Land purchased from France? Louisiana Purchase
What was the Mexican-American War? Gaining more land
Created by: Kelly Chrismon