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Study Guide

Computing can be _____ if equipment is not properly maintained, but there are measures that can be taken to ___________ those risks. risky and minimize
The _____ of maintenance required determanes whether a professional, or you as the computer user, should perform the maintenance tasks. type
A computer is no different from a car; it requires ________ maintenance. regular
Managing computer _______ is an overlooked problem. cables
Cable managment ____ are avaivable to organize and project cables. kits
One pf the best ways to ____ _____ on a computer repair is through prevenative maintenance performed on a regular schedule. cut down
As a general rule,ou dhould _______ s computer every 3-6 clean
In a ______ enviroment, you should clean it more often. dusty
Use a can of ____________ ___ to remove dust from the keyboard. compresssed air
Turn ___________ upside down if you spill liquid. keyboard
Clean ________ rollers by remivung the cover, removing the cover, removing debris inside, and then reassembling the mouse. mouse
Access __________________ _____ through printer's control panel or use an inkjet cleaning cartridge, selfcleaning mode
Use a small vacuum or roller cleaning sheets to clean the _______ _______ printer rollers
Should be _________ when print quality deteriorates or when you change the toner cartidge. cleaned
Turn ___ printer and unplug it. off
Clean ________ the toner opening toner
Remove paper _____________ fragments
Wipe up any spilled _____ and dust toner
Clean the ________ rollers
Replace the toner _____________ cartridge
Don't brush or vacuum exposed _________ a wires. corona
At some point, __________ __________ may be damaged and need to be changed, or output and production need to be increased. The capabilities of your computer can be __________ by upgrading various elements. Hardware Componets aqnd Enhanced
Adding ____ to a computer generally helps increase performance, speed , and usability. RAM
______________ keyboards allows for a more natural positioning of your arms and hands. Ecgronomic
Wireless keyboard reduces clutter and ___________ ___________ . improves mobility
A vareiety of mouse devices are available, including ______ -_____, _________, ___ ______________. wireless, optical, ecgronomic, and combinations.
A ____________ be used instead of a mouse. It senses the position of your finger and moves the pointer accodingly. touchpad
You should run __________ following a ________ maintenance schedule so that the computer can run faster and more efficiently. Utilities and Routine
Occurs when a piece of data is ________ __ into many pieces that are not _______ close together. Broken up and Stored
The ________ are stored on blocks of _____________ clusters, thus creating fragmented files. Sectors and Nonadjacent
Disk ______ ______ is one of the more time-consuming elements in a computer's perforance and can ________________ the speed of the processing cycle. Seek Time and Significantly
Windows contains a ______________ that reduces the amount of fragmentation by physically organizing the contents of the disk to ________ the pieces of each file contiguously. Defragmentation and Store
The window recycle bin is a ________ ______ for files and folders before their final deletion from a storage device. Holding Area
_______ _______ the recycle bin ico to view the contents. Right Click
Right- cycle an item to _______ commands to restore, cut, delete, or display properties. Access
To ______ _______ for other programs. Free Memory
To act as a ______ ___ to prevent data loss. Safety Net
For? Printing
Use disk clean up utility to ________ temporary files and other files that are not needed. Delete
A cookie is a small ____ _____ that a Web site uses to identify a specific computer, Text Tile
Used to gather ____________; not a threat to your computer's security. Information
Replacing the ______ ______ or opening the power supply case. Power Supply
Replacing other ________ componets. Electronic
Replacing the __________ Processor
Replacing or adding a ______ _______ Hard Disk
Replacing or adding additional ___________ RAM
Monitor, printer, and scanner ___________ Problems
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