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Webhosting Terms

JSP Java Server Pages - similar to active server pages but using the java programming language.
FTP File Transfer Protocol - a method of transfering files from your computer to the webhost's computer
MySQL A freely available database
Domain Name The name used in the URL for your website. (ex: studystack.com)
SSL Secure Sockets Layer - required for sites that will transmit confidential information. URL will start with https
Error 500 Server Error
Error 400 Bad Request
Error 401 Authorization Required
Error 403 Forbidden
Error 404 Not Found
Monthly Data Transfer Amount of data transfered from your website to all the users that access it during a month. Typical hosting plans allow from 1G to 50G
Web Server the computer that runs the server software and holds the files for one or more websites.
JavaScript A programming language that can be embedded in HTML webpages that allows the use of dynamic content. In spite of the similarity in name to Java, it is not closely related to Java
whois An Internet utility program that obtains information (such as owner and contact info) about a Domain name or IP number from the database of a domain name registry. If the search result returns "No match", the domain name is probably available, and you can
ASP Abbreviation for "Active Server Pages". ASP is a server-side scripting language. ASP commands are embedded within HTML documents (with .asp extension) to provide dynamic content. ASP is often supported by webhosts using a NT server
T-1 A leased-line connection to the Internet which can transfer data at 1.544 Mbps.
T-3 A leased-line connection to the Internet which can transfer data at 44.736 Mbps.
"Above the Fold" The uppermost viewable area within a browser window, usually consisting of 600 pixels wide by 320 pixels high.
Cold Fusion A scripting language for advanced web development and database interfacing
DNS (Domain Name Service) - A globally distributed network of servers that translates domain names to IP numbers
OC-3 Refers to a circuit that transmits 155 Mbps. This is the size of the largest Internet backbone providers networks
PHP A scripting language. The PHP scripts, or commands, which are embedded in the web page's HTML, are executed on the web server to generate dynamic HTML pages (e.g. search results from a database).
SSI (Server-Side Includes) - Scripting commands which can be embedded within a web page and parsed by the web server.
bandwidth The amount of traffic that your site generates.
Domain name registration The process of signing up to use a particular name for your web site
Domain Name Registrar Company that you use to sign up a domain name (ex: www.godaddy.com)
Cron Jobs programs that can be scheduled to run at a certain time
Tomcat Web server software developed by www.apache.org that allows your website to use JSP (Java Server Pages)
Created by: JohnW