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2/8 French 3 quiz

Interrogatives, plural and singulars

Qu'est-ce que "What is", "What does", "What are", etc. when followed by a subject and verb such as "tu" + "aimes"
Est-ce que Asks a "yes" or no" question. "Do..." "Are...." "Does...", etc. Can be preceded by any number of other question words to find out more information.
Quel, quelle, quels, quelles Which or what (adjectives). You never say "quel est-ce que" but you COULD say "quel sport aimes-tu?"
Subject verb inversion When the verb comes first (instead of using "est-ce que"...) "Aimes-tu le fromage?" is the same question as "Est-ce que tu aimes le fromage?"
Avec qui/quoi In a formal register the French language doesn't end a question with "avec" as we do in English. So you need to put "Avec" at the beginning of the question.
Quand When
Pourquoi Why
Comment How or What. Also if you want to find out what something is like (physical, emotional, quality,) you'd use "Comment est....?" or "Comment sont..."? Such as, "Comment est Oprah?"
Qui Who or whom
Que What (used often in inverted constructs): Que veux-tu? What do you want? Que voit-il? What does he see?
Quoi What after a preposition.... "avec quoi manges-tu la soupe?" - "bien sûr avec une cuillère!"
Combien or combien de How much or how many?
Created by: lfineman