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Music Appreciation

AP Class

Gregorian Chant Single Line Melody
Organum Adding Second Line To Melody
Mass Catholic Church Worship
Hildergard Of Bingen Medieval Composer Of Chant
Syllabic One Note Per Syllable
Mellismatic Several Notes Per Syllable
A Capella Singing Without Instruments Accompaniment
Troubadour Traveling Poet/Musician Secular
Chanson French Love Song
Mass Ordinary Music Stays The Same Throughout Year
Mass Proper Music Changes Depending On Year
Guillame De Machaut French Composer That Wrote Sacred/Secular
Vernacular Language Of The People
Word Painting Using Instuments/Human Voice To Imitate Natural Sound
Madrigal Renaissance Secular Music
Patronage Sponsorship Of Musician
Castratti Castration Of Male Singer
Reformation/Counter-Reformation Martin Luther, 95 Thesis, Protestant Reformation, Lose $/Members,
Council Of Trent Meeting Of Catholic Church Officials To Cleanse Church, Abolish All Polyphony
Palestrina Convinced Church To Keep Polyphony
Created by: lindbherg5