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Ch End 1

1. In which group of individuals would you expect to find the highest reference intervals of hemoglobin, hematocrit, and erythrocyte count? Newborns
2. Which cells are important in transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide between the lungs and body tissues? erythrocytes
Forty-five percent of the volume of blood is composed of erythrocytes
Alterations in the concentration of blood cells generally are the result of a disease process
Leukocytes are necessary for . defense against foreign antigens
Laboratories can use which type of testing to help direct the physician’s selection of appropriate testing after screening tests are performed? reflexive based on results of screening tests
Managed care plans use which type of payment system to help contain costs of medical care? capitation
A model used to help diagnose and manage the care of the diabetic patient in a cost-effective and diagnostically efficient manner while providing quality care is an example of disease management
The payment system that Medicare uses to contain costs is PPS
Under the capitation payment system, the laboratory is viewed as a Cost center
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