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Patrick Henry

formiddable causing fear, incredible
supinely inactive
solace comfort
martial war like
avert avoid, turn aside
vigilant watchful, caucious
inevitable cannot be stopped, going to happen
What is the subject of this speech? freedom or slavery
How would he be guilty of treason (going against government)? by holding back his opinions in fear of offending someone
Give an example of a mythological allusion from the story The Sirens in greek mythology lured sailors to destruction with their beautiful singing just like the British who are trying to make the colonist believe that their relationship will be fine
What is the best teacher? experience (the past)
Give an example of a bibical allusion and relate it to the story Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss by identifying him to the Roman authorities so they could arrest him England is trying to kiss up to them by saying things will be fine, but if the colonists listen to british they will become slaves
How long have the colonists been trying to work out this problem? over 10 years
Name several measures they have taken to try to solve their problems petitioned, remonstrated, demonstrated, pleaded with, argued against, implored
Give a metaphor to describe the iminate danger a storm
List three reasons for them to refute the statement that they are weak 1) they have God on their side 2) they have 3 million people united 3) they have the reasoning power that God gave them
Two examples of rhetorical questions When shall we be stronger? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chaines and slavery?
Two examples of repitition of key points let it come we must fight freedom chains slavery
hmythological allusion sirens
biblical allusion judas
repetition of key ideas let it come
rhetorical questions "But when will we be stronger?"
Figure of Speech 1) lamp 2) chains 3) storm 1) experience 2) slavery 3) war
What are the 4 persuasive devices of patrick henry? 1) allusions (mythological and biblical) 2) figures of speech 3) repetition of key ideas 4) rhetorical questions
who was patrick henry? a famous orator (persuasive)
What two famous speeches did he give during the American Revolution? 1)1765-speaking against the stamp act 2) 1775-encouraging the colonists to fight for their independence
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