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Chapter 2 Microsoft

antonym A word with an opposite meaning
AutoCorrect Automatically corrects errors
AutoCorrect Options Button that allows you to direct Word how to handle corrections
automatic page break Automatically inserted when you exceed one page
background repagination Automatic page break task
backspace Key used to delete text
bibliographical list An alphabetized list of sources
Click and Type Used to format and enter text, graphics, and other items
cutting Removing a selected item from a document
double-space One blank line between each line of text
drag-and-drop editing Moving to a new location
endnote Explanatory note at the end of a document
field A placeholder for data whose contents can change
First Line Indent marker Top triangle on the ruler
first-line indent Procedure to automatically indent the first line of each new paragraph
footer Text printed at the bottom of each page
footnote Explanatory note at the bottom of a page
hanging indent The first line of each entry begins at the left margin
Hanging Indent marker Bottom triangle on the ruler
hard page break Forced into a document at a specific location
header Text printed at the top of each page
horizontal ruler A ruler that displays along the top edge of the document window
Ignore All button Used to ignore future occurrences of flagged errors
Left Indent marker Used to change the entire left margin
line spacing The amount of vertical space between lines of text
manual page break Forced into a document at a specific location
Modern Language Association of America A documentation style used in a wide range of disciplines
note reference marks Signals that an explanatory note exists
Office Clipboard Temporary storage area
paragraph spacing The amount of space above and below a paragraph
Paste Options button Menu that allows you to change format of moved text
pasting Placing an item from the Clipboard into a document
plagiarize Claiming someone else's work to be your own
proofreading Looking for errors
Replace All button Button used to replace all occurrences of Find and Replace
research paper A document you can use to communicate the results of research findings
shortcut keys Can make typing more efficient because your hands are on the keyboard
soft page break Automatically inserted when you exceed one page
style A named group of formatting characteristics
superscript Raised numbers
synonym A word with a similar meaning
thesaurus A book of synonyms
vertical ruler A ruler that displays along the left edge of the Word window
Word Count dialog box Summing the number of words in a document
works cited Page that lists author and reference book title
works cited page A list of sources that are referenced directly in a research paper
Created by: rachaelmarkovic