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Vocabulary 6:30

Vocabulary for probably a high level Middle Schooler for example, an 8th grader

Meek Yielding without resentment when ordered about or hurt by others Although the soldiers didn't like their mission, they decided to act meek.
Pliable Adaptable Joe is stubborn and pliable when it comes to decisions.
Discipline Train in obedience At first, Joe, always caused trouble until he was taught discipline by his owners.
Docile Obedient Tom is very obedient and listens carefully to instructions, sadly his twin sister isn't as docile as him.
Meek Acquiescent Although the soldiers didn't like their mission, they decided to act meek.
Pliable Easily bent or influenced Joe is stubborn and pliable when it comes to decisions.
Submit Authority Joe didn't like the idea of getting a cat, but in the end, he had to submit to adopting one for his wife's happiness.
Tractable Easily controlled, led, or taught After causing much trouble, the cat wasn't very tractable, considering he didn't understand English.
Malcontent Discontented person With so many rules made around the house, the kitten became a malcontent.
Perverse Willful Although John had been told about a shortcut in the race, the perverse man decided to take his full run.
Sedition Speech, writing or action to overthrow the government Anyone who wrote a speech to overthrow the government would be arrested for sedition.
Allegiance Loyalty Any citizen of America has to be born in the states or take their allegiance.
Defer Authority When I was told I had an incorrect answer, I believed I was correct, but after seeing a higher grade level adult solve the problem,, I decided to defer.
Discipline Train in obedience The kitten remained undisciplined and caused a lot of destruction.
Inmate Person confined in an institution After finally causing too much trouble, the kitten became an inmate and was kept in his cage for 1 week, but was luckily still being fed.
Migrate Move from one place to another with the change of season As the Winter came, the inmate cat saw geese migrate South for the Winter.
Native (noun) Person born in a specific place The kitten, now named Jed, is a Native to Indiana
Commuter Person who commutes John, is a commuter who commutes 90 minutes of play time to his pet.
Denizen Dweller Jed is a denizen of the Nee family home.
Domicile Dwelling The Nee family had to move from their home, so Jed had to get used to his new domicile.
Superfluous More than what is enough or necessary Jed already has too many toys. Purchasing even one more would be superfluous.
Abroad To a foreign land Jed missed his owner after his owner went abroad over to England, where Jed was given to a neighbor.
Commute Travel back and forth daily Without his owner, Jed decided to regularly commute from his neighborhood to a park nearby.
Nomad A member of a tribe with no home who travels to many different lands In his adventures to the park, Jed met a fellow cat who lived as a nomad and traveled across the whole state, although it took him a lot of time.
Nomadic Wandering Jed's companion had first became nomadic as a kitten, when he was left to care for himself.
Sojourn Temporary stay Jed's companion, Nicky, decided to make Jed's house his sojourn.
Procrastinate Put off things that should be done until later Nicky procrastinated about the rain coming, but in the end, she was drenched from the rain that really did come.
Protract Lengthen in time Nicky ended up protracting his stay at Jed's house due to the terrible traveling weather.
Sporadic Infrequent Indiana now had sporadic sunny weather. Mostly clouds draped the sky, encouraging John to check on his feline pet in his home state.
Chronic Marked by long duration After Spring, the sunny weather had become chronic and lasted longer when it appeared.
Concurrent Simultaneous John returning to his home and Nicky leaving the house were a concurrent event, making a quick get away for Nicky.
Dawdle Idle Nicky started to dawdle on his path toward the exit of the city because he still missed Jed.
Docile Easily taught Tom is very obedient and listens carefully to instructions, sadly his twin sister isn't as docile as him.
Created by: LuckyShadow159