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English Vocabulary

Odyssey Books 14, 15, and 16

Cowed (v) to destroy the resolved or courage of; also: to bring to a state or an action by intimidation- used with into <like too many Asian armies, adept at cowing a population into feeding them- Edward Lansdale>
Brusquely (adj) markedly short and abrupt; blunt in manner or speech often to the point tof ungracious harshness
Codger (n) an often mildly eccentric and usually elderly fellow <old codger>
Gallant (n) a young man of fashion
foundered (v) to become disabled; especially: to go lame; to come to grief: fail
Yarn (n) a continuous often plied strand composed of either natural or man-made fibers or filaments and used in weaving and knitting to form cloth
Paltry (adj) inferior, trashy, mean, despicable
Irreproachable (adj) blameless
Pensive (adj) musingly or dreamily thoughtful
Pondered (v) to think about: reflect on
Magnanimous (adj) showing or suggesting nobility of feeling and generosity of mind
Dumbfounded (adj) to confound briefly and usually with astonishment
shirk (v) to go stealthily, secretly; to avoid the performance of an obligation
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