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BT Shades of Grey

OMMS BOB practice questions

In Between Shades of Gray, what did Lina’s father do for a living? (p. 17 Provost at the University
In Between Shades of Gray, what important talent did Lina’s mother have that made her useful to the Russians? (p. 26) She spoke fluent Russian
In Between Shades of Gray, according to Lina, what was her brother’s life worth? (p. 27) A pocket watch
In Between Shades of Gray, what did Mrs. Vilkas do with her crystal and china on the night they were taken by the NKVD? (p. 10) She smashed them all
In Between Shades of Gray, what happened when Mr. Stalas tried to escape from the truck? (p. 14) He broke his leg
In Between Shades of Gray, what term is used to describe a collective farm in Stalinist Russia? (p. 105) A Kolkhoz
In Between Shades of Gray, name the three nations that were wiped from the map at the hands of Stalinist Russia in 1941. (Inside back jacket cover) Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
Between Shades of Gray, what was the name of the farming village where the Vilka’s raised beets and potatoes? (p. 105) Altai
In Between Shades of Gray, what two things did Kostas Vilka send to his wife to help them survive? (p. 42) Ham and his gold wedding ring
In Between Shades of Gray, what did Kostas Vilkas tell Lina to tell her mother to think about? (p. 44) The oak tree
In Between Shades of Gray, what did Jonas use to record the death of Ona’s baby? (p. 72) He used a stone to make a mark on the floorboard of the train car
In Between Shades of Gray, when Jonas and Andrius ran out of cigarettes, what did they use to make two more? (p. 77) Paper from books, specifically the Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens
In Between Shades of Gray, Lina once drew a caricature of Stalin dressed in an unusual way which angered her father greatly. How had Lina depicted Stalin? (p. 91) Dressed as a clown
In Between Shades of Gray, Lina and her father developed a plan to communicate where the family was taken. How did she plan to pass on this information to her father? (p. 44) Through her drawings
In Between Shades of Gray, Andrius gave Lina a copy of the book Dombey and Son. He wrote her messages in the book. Among the messages was the meaning of the work Krasivaya. What does this word mean? (p. 324) Beautiful, with strength
In Between Shades of Gray, once in Trofmovsk, what did they call the huts in which they lived? (p. 277) A jurta
What year is it at the beginning of the book? 1941
Who is the book dedicated to? Jonas Septeys
What crops are grown at the camp? Beets and potatoes
Who is Lina’s cousin? Joanna
Who wrote this book? Ruta Sepetys
Who died first: lina's mom or lina's dad? dad
What is the name of janina's doll? liale
What did Lina's brother put on before leaving home? A schoolboy outfit
Why did Andruis' mom have affairs with the NVKD? So Andrius wouldn't get deported
What bug commonly infected them? Lice
What was Kretzky's first name? Nikolai
What did Lina and the girl find after a snow storm? A dead snow owl
On the train, who took the baby from Lina? The librarian
Why did the NKVD force the people to hide? American ships were coming
Who sent the doctor? Kretzsky
What is Lina's father's first name? Kostas
Why does Lina's mom purposely destroy her valuables? Because she loved them
What Lina's main talent? Art
Created by: ommsBOB