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Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) Ports(AGP) developed specifically for video cards.
active partition The partician used for booting.
audio/modem riser (AMR) A specification (AMR) for a small slot on a motherboard to accommodate an audio ormodem riser card.
boot loader Responsible for loading the OS
boot record This OS boot record contains a small program that points to a larger OS program file that is responsible for starting the OS load.
booting Refers to the computer bringing itself up to a working state without the user having to do anything but press the on button booting
BootMgr The OS bootMgr record program for Windows Vista
CMOS battery A lithium coin-cell battery enables CMOS RAM to hold configuration data, even while the main power to the computer is off
Communication and networking riser (CNR) A specification for a small expansion slot on a motherboard that accommodates a small audio, modem, or network riser card.
CrossFire ATI ‘s technology for installing two video cards on a motherboard.
dual inline package (DIP) switch A switch on a circuit board or other device that can be set on or off to hold (DIP) configuration or setup information.
front panel header The corner of the motherboard for lights and switches front panel header
hard boot A hard boot, or cold boot, involves turning on the power with the on/off switch.
I/O shield The plate installed in the computer case to provide holes for I/O ports.
jumper Two wires that stick up side by side on the motherboard and are used to hold configuration information. The jumper is considered closed if a cover is over the wires jumper, and open if the cover is missing.
land grid array (LGA) Sockets that use lands rather than pins.
Master Boot Record (MBR) A master boot record at the beginning of the drive that contains the partition table, which contains a map to partitions on the drive.
North Bridge The faster hub in the Accelerated Hub Architecture
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