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HTLA & uncommon ab

BB Exam 3

HTLA characteristics -IgG usually non C binder -against high incidence antigens - seen in multiply transfused patients - hides alloantibodies - reacts weakly w/cord cells
Chido/Rodgers system Antigens water soluble; adsorbed onto RBC from plasma--part of C4d on chrome 6-- Ag not well developed at birth--98% white are Cha+
Are Ch & Rg antigens destroyed by enzymes? Yes
Is it necessary to give Ch/Rg antigen negative blood?? No, because the Ab will be neutralized by plasma prior to transfusion
Procedures to ID Ch/Rg antigens (4) 1) Ag neg cells reacted w/plasma 2)enzyme treatment 3)reaction of plasma w/C4d coated RBCs 4)Neutralization w/plasma from Ch/Rg positive person
Plasma inhibition (neutralization) for Ch/Rg -Pooled plasma from 6 pts
What is the control of plasma inhibition? Albumin
Sid (Sda) Antigen 91% of pop has...variable expression...cord cells lack
Sda antibody ALWAYS gives MF reaction (refractile).....Neutralizable with urine from Sda+ person
Do you need to give Sda negative units? No
Bg antigens Class I HLA, strongly expressed on WBCs & PLTs, IgG cline sig, appears as Ab to low freq Ag
Are Bg antigens enzyme destroyed? No, but chloroquine will remove
Most important platelet antigens (5) 1) GPIa, GPIb, GPIIb, GpIIIa, CD109
PLT Ag that 98% of whites express? HPA-Ia or PLa1-------part of GPIIIa glycoproteins
PLT Ags are stimulated by random donor PLTs and can cause ______ & _____ Post transfusion purpura & neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia
Created by: aenewsom