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Principles and procedures

How many voting delegates can a local chapter have with more than 100 members? 4
Gold seal chapter of merit also known as Hollis and Kitty guy award
1st state chapter iowa, 1947
Founder of FBLA Hamden L. Forkner
Marks and debates made in a meeting must be germane or pertinent
How many voting delegates can a local chapter have with more than 100 members? 4
Gold seal chapter of merit also known as Hollis and Kitty guy award
1st state chapter iowa, 1947
Founder of FBLA Hamden L. Forkner
Marks and debates made in a meeting must be germane or pertinent
What time period is the fiscal year of FBLA July 1-June 30
The five functional areas of chapter activities Professional development,civic,service, social
Local annual business report must include service projects, calender of events, financial report (not equipment)
The topic for emerging business issues changes between state and competition
Virtual Business Challenge allows students to go online and and compete
The wall of fame honors advisers and state chairmen serving 20 or more years of experience
the official emblem and insignia was patened in 1946
3 categories for competitive events individual, team, and chapter
who must follow dress code advisers, members, and guests
Network Design Uses the internet and related technologies to communicate ideas and concepts and deliver value to customers
Mission Lift fund-raises for the prevention of Cancer
The newsletter for FBLA advisers is called Hotline
Alamo Provides year round discounts
Which officers must be present for a meeting to proceed? President and secretary
When a member cant hear they use the privileged motion
what are the official colors of FBLA blue and gold
how many administrative regions are there? five
the three words on the FBLA and PBL emblem are service, education, and progress
what are the three FBLA publications tomorrows business leader, advisers hotline, and the professional edge
with the exception of the 3 division presidents and ex-officio members, the term of office for members of the board of directors three years
The FBLA-PBL National Center is located where? Reston, Virginia
The land for the FBLA-PBL national center was purchased through grant from the Conrad Hilton Foundation
the chapter officer that presides over and conducts meetings is typically the President
chapter officer that assists the president in the discharge of duties and preside at the meetings in the president is absent is Vice president
the source for official FBLA resources, emblematic items, publications, and study materials is the FBLA-PBL Mrketplace
The American Enterprise event is named in honor of the which of the following people Edward Miller
How many days prior to the start of the NLC must voting delegates be certified 20 days
not counting chapter events how many competitive events can a member compete at the NLC one
Which publication serves the Middle-Level chapter market Middle Level Adviser's Hotline
Not counting the front and back covers, the max # of pages allowed for the Local Chapter Annual Report competitive event is thirty
The Parliamentary Procedure Award at the NLC is named in honor of Dorothy L. Travis
Voting delegates must be certified no later than how many days before the NLC? 20 days
In electing national officers, how many rounds of voting takes place before the candidate receiving the lowest # of votes is dropped from the ballot? three
In 1937 the concept of FBLA was developed by Henry L. Forkner
When will the term of office begin for a National Officer? At the closest NLA in which they were elected
In debate, eacgh pperson has the right to speak on a motion twice
The Golden Seal Award of Merit is named after Hollis and Kitty Guy
a local chapter with 50 members is entitled to how many voting delagates? 3
What is FBLA's official Parliamentary authority? Robert's Rules of Order- Newly revised
What is the name of the program offered in conjunction with the NLC that is offered to national, state and local Offucers, members, and advisers for leadership development and training? Institute for Leaders
Which national Rent-a-Car Company offers special discounts to FBLA-PBL members Alamo
Where was the first local chapter organized? 1942 Johnson City, TN
What group of individuals establishes the policies by which FBLA-PBL is managed? FBLA Board of Directors
What is the minimum # of members required to start a new/reactivated chapter in FBLA? five
What is the name of the nationally endorsed fundraising program developed especially for "cookie-loving" FBLA-PBL chapters? Otis Spunkmeyer, Inc
What three schools provide scholarships to qualified FBLA members? November 15
What is cost of Lifetime membership in the Professional Division? $350
Who can propose amendments to the bylaws? any of the national vice presidents, local chapters, the National Parliamentarian
The National President serves as an ex-officio non-voting member of the National Board of Directors for one year or until his/her successor is elected or appointed
Name an officer that is not elected at a general session of the FBLA NLC Vice pesident
the quorum for all business meetings of the FBLA NLC is a majority of the registered voting delegates
DODDS Europe is located in which Region Eastern
The fiscal year of FBLA is July 1- June 30
a local chapter adviser must teach a business or business-related class
For adoption, action by mail shall require a ______ vote of the members eligible to vote, and shall be recorded in the minutes of the next regular meeting three-fourths
To be nominated, candidates for FBLA national office must be approves by the national Officer Screening Committee
How many times is tomorrow's business leader published every year? 5
When did Hamden L. Forkner propose the concept of FBLA? 1937
The National Council for Business Education (now: National Business Education Association) sponsors Forkners concept and names it FBLA 1940
2nd chapter St. Albas West Virginia
The United Business Education Association takes sponsorship of FBLA. Headquarters office for FBLA is placed at the National Education Association Center in Washington, D.C. 1946
First PBL chapter U Iowa, 1958
FBLA-PBL is granted independent status as a nonprofit educational student association under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c)(3). FBLA-PBL, Inc. gets its own board of directors and full-time staff. 1969
Edward D. Miller becomes the first full time Executive director. 1973
Board of directors approves the Alumni Division 1979
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation gives grant for land 1981
FBLA membership goes over 200,000 1987
The groundbreaking ceremony is held for the FBLA-PBL center 1990
Professional division is formed 1989
Grand opening for the FBLA National Center 1991
FBLA ML is formed 1994
Edward D. Miller retires and Jean Buckley is appointed new CEO and president 1997
national center mortgage is retired 2001
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