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Romeo & Juliet Vocab

Freshman (9) Vocab for all Acts

Act 1:pernicious Very Destructive
Act 1:prodigious exciting amazement or wonder
Act 1:choler Anger
Act 1: Disposition Natural attitude/ manner toward things
Act 1: augmenting to enlarge or increase
Act 1: boisterous exuberant, high spirited
Act 1: assailing to attack violently
Act 1: shrift confession
Act 1: transgression violation of a law
Act 1: portentous foreshadowing of something to come (usually something evil)
Act 2: conjure to summon up a spirit as if by magic
Act 2: consort to associate
Act 2: prorogue to postpone
Act 2: rancor a continuing and bitter hate
Act 2: perjury the telling of a lie while swearing to tell the truth
Act 2: invocation a serious prayer or request for help
Act 2: variable changeable
Act 2: jest a mocking remark/ joke
Act 2:Wherefore why
Act 2: Procure to get
Act 3: prevail to be victorious or triumphant
Act 3: beguile charm or delight, often in order to deceive
Act 3: appertaining to belong as a part, function, etc.
Act 3: effeminate having qualities associated with women (weakness, delicacy, umanly, fragile)
Act 3: agile quick and easy of movement
Act 3: garish to bright, showy
Act 3: dismal causing gloom or misery; dark, gloomy
Act 3: calamity a great misfortune - disaster
Act 3:sojourn stay briefly, live someplace temporarily
Act 3:abhors shrinks from in disgust, hates greatly
Act 4: inundation a flood
Act 4: pensive thoughtful
Act 4: arbitrate to settle, pass judgement
Act 4: martyr one who suffers for a cause
Act 4: valor bravery
Act 4: lament grieve
Act 4: orisons prayers
Act 4: provisions condition
Act 4: abate stop
Act 4: detest hate deeply
Act 5: presage foreshadow
Act 5: pestilence plague
Act 5: quarantine to contain due to illness
Act 5: inexorable unstoppable
Act 5: vengeance revenge
Act 5: persuse look over
Act 5: ensign flag or military officer
Act 5: paramour lover
Act 5: inauspicious ill-fated
Act 5: purge remove
Created by: THSENG3