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1/2/13 WD2 SA

network A group of two or more computers connected so they can communicate with one another.
node Any entity on a network that can be managed, such as a system, repeater, router, gateway, switch or firewall. A computer or other addressable device attached to a network; a host
client An individual computer connected to a network. Also, a system or application (such as a Web browser or user agent) that requests a service from another computer (the server) and is used to access files or documents.
server A computer in a network that manages the network resources and provides, or serves, information to clients.
local area network (LAN) group of computers connected within a confined geographic area.
wide area network(WAN) A group of computers connected over an expansive geographic area so their users can share files and services.
internet a world wide network of interconnected networks
advanced research projects agency(ARPA) US department of defense agency that created the first global computer network
advanced research projects agency (ARPANET) A computer network, funded by ARPA, that served as the basis for early networking research and was the backbone during the development of the Internet
National Science foundation (NSF) An independent agency of the U.S. government that promotes the advancement of science and engineering
backbone the highest level in the computer network hierarchy to which smaller networks typically connect
gateway a node on a network that serves as a portal to other networks
world wide web (WWW) a set of software program that enables users to access resources on the Internet via hypertext documents
hypertext link Highlighted or underlined text in a Web page that, when clicked, links the user to another location or Web page.
web page An HTML document containing one or more elements (text, images, hyperlinks) that can be linked to or from other HTML pages
web site A World Wide Web server and its content. includes multiple Web pages
web browser A software application that enables users to access and view Web pages on the Internet
protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) A suite of protocols that turns data into blocks of information called packets, which are then sent across the Internet. The standard protocol used by the Internet
packet Data processed by protocols so it can be sent across a network
router A device that routes packets between networks based on network-layer addresses; determines the best path across a network. Also used to connect separate LANs to form a WAN
Created by: ash.sa2