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Literature Midterm

11 Enemies, Literary Elements

There At that place
Their Possessive form of they
They're Contraction- they are
Its Possessive form of it
It's Contraction- it is
Affect- Noun or verb? Meaning? Verb- To influence
Effect-Noun or verb? Meaning? Noun- Result
Who's Contraction-who is/who has
Whose Possessive form of who
Accept-Noun, Verb, Preposition? Meaning? Verb-to take what's been offered
Except-Noun, Verb, Preposition? Meaning? Preposition- other than
Someone in this class will be elected president. They will represent us. Right or wrong? What is the problem? Wrong- Someone is singular, doesn't agree w/ plural "they"
Would you like to come with Sue and ________?(me/I) Me
Sue and ________ (me/I) like ice-cream. I
Real- Noun, Adjective, Adverb? Meaning? Rule? Adjective- actual;not fake, Do not use real hot, real well, real good
Really-Noun, Adjective, Adverb? Meaning? Adverb-very
Should've or should of? Should've-should have
Alot or A lot? A lot-rwo separate words
Than- Used to...what?? Used to compare
Then-Meaning? At another time
Weather Atmospheric conditions
Wheather If, either, in case
Used to or use to? Used to
Supposed to or suppose to? Supposed to
Quite very
Quiet silent
Etc-Meaning?Abbreviation for what? And others of the same kind, et cetera
Principal Person in charge of a school
Principle rule, truth, law
Too excessively or also
To in a certain direction
Good-Noun, Adjective, Adverb?Meaning? Adjective-fine
Well-Noun, Adjective, Adverb?Meaning? Adverb-skillfully
You can do something __(1)__, not ___(2)__. 1. well 2. good
Shakespeare was born on what date and died on what date? April 23, 1564 & April 23, 1616
Shakespeare grew up where? Stratford-upon-Avon, England
Shakespeare left school by what age? 15
At the age of __, Shakespeare married ____ ________. 18, Anne Hathaway
The first 20 years of Shakespeare's life, he: grew up in Stratford, schooling, marriage
The time in between the first 2 sections of Shakespeare's life is called the ___ _____. Dark Years
The next 25 years of Shakespeare's life: actor, playwright in London, England
Last 5 years of Shakespeare's life: Back in Stratford in retirement
Shakespeare and his wife had how many children? Names? 3- Susanna, Judith, Hamnet
Shakespeare lost son, ______, at age __, due to the _______ ______. Hamnet, 11, Bubonic Plague
Due to the _______ ______, public theaters were closed in ____ for how many years? Bubonic Plague, 1592, 2 years
Shakespeare became a partner in the _____ _______ built in ____, which burnt down in ____. Globe theater, 1599, 1613
Shakespeare's works include ____ sonnets, _ epic book length poems, and __ plays. 154, 2, 38
The conflict is the _______ in the story. Problem
There can be more than one ________ in a story. Conflict
Name the 5 categories of conflict Person vs. society, vs. nature, vs. self, vs. fate, vs. person
What is person vs. society? Type of conflict-the main character is struggling w/ the world around him
What is person vs. person? Type of conflict-main character is struggling with another person
What is person vs. nature? Type of conflict-main character is struggling w/ the forces of nature
What is person vs. self? Type of conflict-main character is having an internal struggle about something
What is person vs. fate? Type of conflict-main character is struggling against something that he has no control over.
What is point of view? The vantage from which the story is told
What are the 2 categories that point of view falls under, and descriptions? 1st person-main character is telling the story; 3rd person- outside narrator is telling the story
The _____ of the story is the meaning of the story Theme
Theme is the ______ the author wants readers to learn Lesson
The _______ is the time and place of a story Setting
________________ is the way the author helps the reader learn about a character's personality. Characterization
How can the author show characterization? (4) provide a physical description, describe behavior, describe actions, describe interactions w/ other characters
In writing prompt, must be _-__ sentences long 7-12
In writing prompt, stay in the _______ tense Present
In writing prompt, avoid using __, me, or _. My, me, or my
In writing prompt, questions must be answered in _____. Order
In writing prompt, title must be __________ or in ______. Underlined, quotes
All writing prompts must begin in the format: In the book CRASH by JERRY SPINNELLI, the.....(reason why prompt is written.
Created by: bml9913



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