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N+ Protocols

FTP definition and port? File Transfer Protocol TCP/20 (data) TCP/21 control)
SSH definition and port? Secure Shell TCP/22
Telnet definition and port? TCP 23
SMTP definition and port? Simple Mail Transfer Protocol TCP/25
DNS definition and port? Domain Name Server TCP/53 (Zone Transfers)
HTTP definition and port? Hypertext Transfer Protocol TCP/80
POP3 definition and port? Post Office Protocol version 3 TCP/110
IMAP4 definition and port? Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4 TCP/143
HTTPS definition and port? Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure TCP/443
DNS definition and port? Domain Name Server UDP/53 (Queries)
BOOTP / DHCP definition and port? Bootstrap Protocol / Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol UDP/67
TFTP definition and port? Trivial File Transfer Protocol UDP/69
NTP definition and port? Network Time Protocol UDP/123
SNMP definition and port? Simple Network Management Protocol UDP/161
What is ARP? Address Resolution Protocol. Link Layer that does IP-> Mac Addressing
What are ICMP/IGMP? Internet Control Message Protocol - Network Unreachable/errors Internet Group Management Protocol Multicast!
TCP is? Transmission Control Protocol Ensures data from one device to another
UDP is? User Datagram Protocol Delivers data, no assurances of delivery
VoIP uses what protocols? SIP Session Initiation Protocol RTP Real-time Transport Protocol
MAC Address stands for Media Access Control Address
NAT is? Network Address Translation Converts Private IP to Public
APIPA Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing No internet connection/DHCP required.
OSPF is? Open Shortest Path First (Link State)
IS-IS is? Intermediate System to Intermediate System (Link State)
RIP and RIPv2 is? Routing Information Protocol (Distance Vector)
CIDR is? Classless Inter-Domain Routing (Distance Vector
BGP is? Border Gateway Protocol (Distance Vector) internal/external
EIGRP is? Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (Cisco Proprietary Hybrid)
MTU is? Min/Max Transmission Unit
AS is? Autonomous System
IGP and EGP are? Interior/Exterior Gateway Protocol
802.11a Throughpout, Frequency, Range? 54Mbps, frequency 5GHz, 35 Meters
802.11b Throughpout, Frequency, Range? 11Mbps, 2.4GHz, 38 Meters
802.11g Throughpout, Frequency, Range? 54Mbps, 2.4GHz, 100 Meters
802.11n Throughpout, Frequency, Range? 600Mbps, 5GHz and/or 2.4GHz, 300 Meters
RADIUS means? Remote Authentication Dial In User Service
AAA is? Authorization, Authentication, and Accounting
WEP means? Key strangeth? Wired Equivalent Privacy 40-bit key and 104-bit key
TKIP/WPA is? Temporal Key Integrity Protocol Wi-Fi Protected Access 256-bit key (8-63 printable ASCII characters)
EIA is? Electronic Industries Alliance
TIA is? Telecommunications Industry Association
Cabling standards are? ANSI/TIA/EIA-568
CAT3 speed? 10Mbit ethernet, 4Mbit Token Ring
CAT5 speed? 100Mbit ethernet 100 Meters
CAT5e 1Gbit Ethernet
CAT6 10Gbit Ethernet through 55 meters CAT6a is for 100 meters
Plenums Cable is? For Heating/AC space rich in oxygen. Fire resistance.
Riser Plenum Cable is? Not as strict as Plenum for fire resistance.
Coaxial Cable is? 1-100Mbs. Older Ethernet cable. Not twisted, used for television/digital cable usually. 10BASE5/2
Serial Cables are? One bit at a time. Slower, Modem, direct device connections. Replaced by USB.
Optical Fiber Cables are? 10Gbs+ Glass/plastic carrier light. Very fast, long distance, low interference.
Types of Fiber? Multi-mode Fiber - Shorter Distance 550Meters Single-Mode Fiber - Longer Distance 5KM
Half Duplex means? Coax. One side speaks at once
Full Duplex means? CAT and Fiber. Listen and talk
RS-232 is? Recommended Standard 232 Old connectors. Used as configuration port
BNC is? Beyonet Neill-Concelman Coax Connector 10BASE2
RJ-45 and RJ-11 is? Registered Jack connector RJ-11 is Telephone 6P4C RJ-56 is Ethernet 8P8C
ST/SC/LC/MT-RJ is? Fiber Connectors Straight Tip Standard Connector Local Connector Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack
What are the 7 types of Network Topologies? Star, Mesh, Bus, Ring, Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Hybrid
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