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Ch13 Diag Procedure


ANGINA intermittent or continuous cardiac pain caused by anoxia of the myocardium
AUSCULTATION use of the unaided ear or a stethoscope to listen to sounds in the body
CAPNOGRAPHY used in the anesthetic setting to provide a breath-by-breath analysis of expired carbon dioxide (end-tidal CO2)
BIOPSY removal of tissue or fluid from the body for pathological examination to determine a diagnosis
C-ARM type of protable fluroscope, so named for its configuation
CHOLANGIOGRAPHY a preoperative & intraoperative diagnostic tool in which a catheter is inserted into the common bile duct & contrast medium is injected to outline potential calculi unnder fluoroscopy
CONTRAST MEDIUM solution injected into arteries, veins, or ducts during a radiographic exam that is radiopaque & therefore stands out in contrast to the surrounding tissue
CSF (CEREBRALSPINAL FLUID) the fluid that flows through the ventricles of the brain, subarachnoid space, & spinal canal; serves to protect these structures
CYSTOSCOPY the insertion of an endoscope through the urethra & into the bladder for the purpose of viewing for treatment & diagnosis
ECG (ELECTROCARDIOGRAM) a record of the electrical activity of the brain
EEG (ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAM) a record of the electrical activity of the brain
FROZEN SECTION a pathological method diagnosis that involves freezing a tissue sample, slicing it into thin sections, staining it, & then viewing it inder a microscope
-GRAM suffixmeaning written record
GRAM STAIN laboratory method of identifying bacteria
-GRAPH suffix meaning producing a drawing or writing
INDWELLING a substance or item that remains in place either permanently or for a period of time
ISOTOPE SCANNING invovles the inraveneous injection of a radioactive isotope into the patient prior to an imaging study
OBSTRUCTION hindrance or blockage of a passage
PALPATION examining by touch
PROSTHESIS artificial device used to replace a body structure, aid bodily function, or give a cosmetic appearance; permanent/removable
ROENTGENOGRAPHY radiography x-ray
SIGN indication of a disease or condition perceived by the examiner
SYMPTOM indication of a disease or condition perceived by the patient
URINALYSIS (UA) laboratory examination of a urine specimen for diagnostic perposes
ULTRASONOGRAPHY the use of high-frequency waves that are directed into the body & are refleced from the tissues to record an image for diagnosic purposes
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