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Institute. Settings

per NBCOT Study Guide, 6th ed. pgs 78-80

Acute Care Hospital Institutional -- LOS 1-7 days, OT focuses on quick/accurate screening of major difficulties impeding function -- OT role can be generalist or specialist (neontatology, burns)
Sub-acute care/intermediate care Admission for medical or psychiatric diagnosis LOS 5-30 days, OT evaluation is more in-depth, OT role - functional imprv. in perf. skills & areas of occupation -- PT is active in tx. planning, implementation, re-eval process
Long-term acute care hospital Admission for chronic or catastrophic illness - LOS <25 days for medicare certification - OT eval & intervention often limited by population's severe & complex medical needs
Rehabilitation Hospital Admission for a disability that is medically stable - LOS based on presenting deficits & rehabilitation potential - OT focuses on developing compensatory strategy, funct improvement in perf. skills, education of PT, family, caregivers
Long-term Hospital Admission for medical or psychiatric diagnosis that is chronic w/ presence of symptoms that cannot be treated on an outpatient basis - LOS 30 days to years
Skilled Nursing Facility Admissiom for medical or psychiatric diagnosis that is chronic, stable, w/ no acute symptoms - LOS 30 days to rest of individual's life - OT eval &intervention guided by Medicare standards
Forensic Setting Admission due to engagement in criminal activity
Outpatient/ambulatory care Admission for individual who does not require hospitalization but has functional deficits - OT interventions focuses on increasing functional performance, consumer education, and prevention
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