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CII Hardware

Computers II - Hardware Terminology & Basics

CPU stands for _______ processing unit. central
What operating system do our computers run at school? windows
What kind of cable is used to connect a computer to the Internet? ethernet
The smallest unit of computer information (smaller than a byte) bit
PC stands for __________ computer. personal
This company is most famous for making processors intel
The capacity of your hard drive is measured in _______ (plural). gigabytes
In computer language, if a bit is not a one, it must be a _______. zero
What kind of cable is used to transfer high quality video and audio at the same time to a digital device (abbreviation)? hdmi
Adding more _____ will help to speed up your computer's ability to process information (abbreviation). ram
The main circuit board of a computer is called the ____________. motherboard
What part is the "brain" of the computer (abbreviation)? cpu
DOS stands for ______ operating system. disk
RAM stands for ________ access memory. ready
CPU stands for _________ processing unit. central
Two types of computers are _________ and laptops (plural). desktops
The instructions that tell the computer what to do and how to do it software
When you save a file it is permanently saved on the _______ ________ (2 words). hard drive
Printers, monitors, and speakers are examples of ______________ devices. output
The physical components that make up your computer hardware
The mouse, keyboard, and scanner are examples of ___________ devices. input
Another name for a flash drive is ________ drive. thumb
Most devices are connected to a computer using this type of cable (abbreviation). usb
This device allows your computer to connect to the Internet. modem
What is the permanent memory built into your computer called? (abbreviation) rom
This piece of hardware converts household electricity to electricity the computer can use (3 words) power supply unit
Any piece of hardware attached to the computer is called a _____________. peripheral
You should never open this device, unless you have proper training (abbreviation). psu
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