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ACL-Level, Fxn Abil.

Allen Cognitive Levels - Functional Abilities/Thinking About

Level 0 Coma
Level 0.0 -- Typical Response lacks response to stimuli
Level 0.8 -- Typical Response generalized reflexive action - total body response flex/ext - startle rxns / chg in respiration - brainstem level of control
Level 1 Actions Automatic Actions
Level 1 Protective reflexes - locate strong stimuli - Spit - turn head - smile - move lips - 5 senses: smell, lite/dark, touch, taste, sound
Level 1.0 -- Typical Response conscious
Level 1.4 -- Typical Response swallow
Level 1.8 -- Typical Response pivot transfer
Level 2 Actions Postural Actions
Level 2 -- Typical Response Overcoming effect of gravity - body mvmt sit/stand/walk/ROM/
Level 2.2 -- Typical Response Walking
Level 2.8 -- Typical Response Uses grab bars
Level 3 Actions Manual Actions
Level 3 -- Typical Response Handling objects -- repetitive actions -- follows cues to next step -- self care possible w/ repetitive drilling - sees things @ eye level
Level 4 Actions Goal Directed Actions
Level 4 -- Typical Response Ind. self-care, has self control - complies w/ directions - will complete a goal - sees beyond 24"
Level 4 - type of self care Ind. Self-care
Level 4.2 -- Typical Response Can be discharged from institutional setting
Level 4.6 -- Typical Response Can live alone // sees room
Level 5 - Living Situation Independent Living
Level 5 Actions New exploratory actions - fine motor adjustments - talks & works - impulsive
Level 5.6 -- Typical Response Care for others / pets
Level 6 Actions Planned / Premeditated Actions
Level 6 -- Typical Response Stopping to think - seeks more information - checks clock/schedule
3 Items assessed in ACL Screen 1. Attention - type of information noticed and used 2. Motor control 3. Verbal performance
Allen Diagnostic Manual (ADM) Gives info on how to assess cognitive levels
Why use Allen Diagnostic Manual instead of ADL? Claudia Allen wanted to watch client perform a novel task to assess 'problem-solving' skills
Level 2 - stitch Unable to imitate a running stitch
Level 3 - stitch Able to perform running stitch 3x
Level 4 - stitch Able to perform whip stitch 3x
Level 5 - stitch Able to perform single cordovan stitch w/ overt trial and error
Level 6 - stitch Able to perform single cordovan stitch w/ mental trial & error
Created by: msmaus
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