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8 Holocaust Vocab 2

8th Grade Lit: Holocaust Vocabulary Words #2

totalitarianism absolute control of all citizens and government by a one-part syystem led by a dictator
pogroms mob attacks on Jewish communities
Enabling Act the law that made Hitler the supreme German lawmaker
sabotage damage done by enemies who want to hamper a nations war efforts
allies a group of 26 nations led by Great Britain, the USA, and the Soviet Union that opposed Germany, Italy and Japan in WWII
Auschwitz largest of the Nazi concentration camps, located in SW Poland. More than 1 million Jews were murdered there
Final solution The Nazi plan for the physical destruction of all of Europe's Jewish population
occupation control of a country by a foreign militay power. The Netherlands was occupied by the Nazi government of Germany.
SS the black-shirted elite guard of Hitler, later the political police in charge of concentration and death camps
swastika an ancient religious symbol that became the official symbol of the Nazi party. Now banned in Germany, but still in use by the neo-Nazi around the world
Third Reich the Nazi name for Germany and the occupied territories from 1-1933/4 - 1945
Nuremberg Laws The laws excluding German Jews from Reich citizenship and prohibited them from inter-marriages
propaganda false or partly false information used by a government or political party intended to sway the opinions of the population
euthanasia Nazi euphemism for the deliberate killings of instututionalized physically, mentally, and emotionally handicapped people
dehumanization Nazi policy of denying Jews basic civil rights such as practicing religion, education, and adequate housing
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