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What are the three bacteria which if you are diagnosed with having as a foodborne illness you must be excluded from work: • Salmonella • E. Coli • Shigella
Who am I? - I cam found in hotdogs, deli meats and unpasteurized dairy - I cause sepsis in newborn infants - I cause spontaneous abortions - Best to discard any products which has passed its expiration date listeria
Who am I? I am most dangerous when holding, cooling, and reheating foods - I am found in meats and poultry and dishes cooked with these foods - I am associated with the improper reheating of foods such as stews and gravies clostridium perfringens
Who am I? I am mostly found in humans, particularly in hair, nose, throat and sores Washing hands properly and of help to prevent me roperly cover cuts with bandages and gloves also helps to prevent me You must restruct workers who have infected cuts Staphylococcus aureus
Who am I? found in potato salad, pasta salads or foods easily contaminated by hands I improper hand washing Foodhandlers must be exluded from work if they get foodborne illness from me Control flies inside and outside clostridium botulinum
What is the temperature range for the temperature danger zone? 45-130
Who am I? I am often associated with baked potatoes, cooked vegetables, and rice dishes - Hold food at proper temperatures and cool food properly to prevent my growth - I am commonly associated with cooked cereals bacillus cereus
Created by: nathanielkhan26
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