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8 Holocaust Vocab 1

8th Grade Lit: Holocaust Vocabulary #1

Holocaust the Nazi massacre of the Jews
Genocide the killing of an entire cultural or racial group
Emancipation freedom
Discrimination mistreatment because of bias
Ghetto a section of a city where Jews HAD to live
Yiddish language spoken by the Jews
Anti-semitism hateful feelings, attitudes and actions toward Jews
POW prisoner of war
partisans the Soviet/Russian underground resistance movement known for sabotaging the German military activity during WWII
Gestapo the police force of Nazi Germany
typhus an infectious disease common in areas where war or other catastrophes occur
tallis a prayer where Jews go to worship
synagogue a place where Jews go to worship
Bar Mitzvah the Jewish traditional ceremony that initiates a 13 yr. old boy into adulthood
Kapo a Jewish prisoner who is in charge of groups of inmates
Star of David a six-pointed star symbolizing Judaism
Concentration camp a place where large number of people are held prisoners
Created by: lcocking