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Preparation for English Lit Quiz

How long had Robinson Crusoe been lost at sea? Thirty-five years
What did Robinson Crusoe see on the beach that caused him to think the devil was after him? footprint
Who became Robinson Crusoe's servant on the island? Friday
What type of religion did Friday practice? pagan
Which American modeled his own writing after Addison and Steele? Benjamin Franklin
Which are the two greatest literary forms of the eighteenth century? Novel and journalism
What are the four elements of a novel? Plot, setting, characterization, and theme
What was the center of sociability and journalism in the eighteenth century? Coffeehouses
Definition: a belief in an impersonal God, who, after creating the world, left it to run by natural laws and who left man to take care of himself by using his intellect. Deism
Definition: ridicule of human folly or vice with the purpose of correcting it. Satire
Definition: the arrangement of events in a story or play; the sequence of related actions. Plot
Definition: the physical background against which the events of a story take place. Setting
Definition: the portrayal of the imaginary persons who carry out the action of the plot in a novel or story. Characterization
Definition: central idea which gives a work meaning; in a story it is the interpretation of the events (plot) and persons (characters) from which some truth of human experience is learned. Theme
Who is the dominant church character mocked and praised in The Spectator? Sir Roger de Coverley
Created by: 1348555001