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tech final study

what are values? benifits and priciples
interests are.. what you like to do
personality is... attitueds, behaviors, and characteristics
apitude things you know how to do
what is a riasec test test that measures personality
what are traasnferable skills skills that you have that you can use in your job
what do 23 yr olds spend on more housing
why do ppl work to b around others to b fufilled to make a contribution to make $
what is a resume summary of a job aplicants infromation, like skills , education, etc.
what does reverse chronocal order mean and how is it applies to ur resume everything in order, but backwards like: highschool, middle school, elementary school
job interviw? meeting between an employer and job aplicant
phone screen? before the interview
body language? gestures, posture, eyecontact
credentials? documents that support your qualifications
how can you prepare for an interview? get prepared with questions and dress appropriately
7 things you should never do in an interview? show up late, leave phone on, get too personal, become defensive, not having questions, be unprepared, be a passive participant
how can u prepare for your first day dress appropriately and learn company culture, commute to work the day before.
orentation? a program that introduces you to the companies policies and procedures
company culture? behaviors attitues values and habbits of the employees and owners
apr? annual precentage rate- yearly cost of loan
credit report? information on how you play your bills
four types of credit? mortages overdrafts loans creditcards
mortages loan for buying property
loans money+time+interst
overdrafts lets u spend more $ than you have
credit cards only type of credit that lets you buy what you want
economics is the study of how people distribute and consume goods and srvices
communism everything owned by the government
socialism allows ppl to own and run their own company taxes buisness owners alot government provides free sevices
capitalism prices are low by competition all industries ownd by private buisness owners
pries fluctuate? if demand increases adn supply decreases= costs increase if demand decreases and suppy increases= costs decrease
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