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Lesson I-4

Avid 1. Having a strong desire for something 2. Eager; enthusiastic
Demean To cause lowering of self-esteem
Despicable Deserving contempt or scorn
Emulate Equal, imitate
Excruciating Very painful
Inaugurate Install in office, formal ceremony, to begin officially or mark the opening of
Concise Short and to the point
Proprietor Owner of a store or other business
Pseudonym Fictitious name used by an another
Resilient Capable of recovering quickly from misfortune
Turbulent Chaotic;unruly, stormy; tempestuous
Abrasion Wearing away, causing wear by rubbing
Clad Clothed or covered
Corroborate Provide evidence, make more certain; to confirm
Dehydrate Remove water from
Endeavor Attempt earnestly
Gingerly Very careful
Grimace Make a face expressing feelings of pain, disgust, or contempt
Gruesome Shock or horror
Inventory List of possessions or goods on hand
Succumb Give up, give in to, to yield
Surmise Suppose something without sufficient evidence
Anonymous Unknown source
Disposition Usual mood
Encompass Enclose or encircle
Extricate To free from a difficult or tangled situation
Generation One step in the line of descent of a family
Guile Cunning or deceit in dealing with others;trickery
Imperative Urgent, pressing
Instill or instil To introduce gradually in order to establish securely
Modify Make less extreme, make changes in, grammar, to limit or restrict in meaning
Prevalent Commonly occurring; widely accepted or practiced
Spontaneous Voluntary and unplanned, occurring or produced without human labor
Affable Pleasant; approachable, gracious, friendliness of manner
Despondent Depressed from the loss of hope or confidence, discouraged
Haunt Stay in ones mind continually; to visit frequently, appear in form of ghost
Profound Intense,deeply felt
Recluse A person who lives apart from society and often alone
Tirade Long angers speech
Tremulous Marked by trembling or shaking,timid or fearful
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