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Grizzly CBA Excel

Excel Unit 1 & 2

A _______________ is a series of calculations, expressions, numbers, and operators to carry out a command in mathematics. formula
A____________ is one spreadsheet n a workbook. worksheet
The __________ is the designation for a cell cell address
A_____________ is a grid of rows and columns in which you enter text,numbers, and formulas and it calculates the results. spreadsheet
A ____________ is a collection of related worksheets. workbook
A ____________ is the intersection of a row or column. cell
A ____________ is numeric data that is entered into a cell. value
A ____________ is alphanumeric datat. It can contain letters, punctuation marks, symbols, or numbers. Labels are not used in calculations. Label
An _____________ is the cell that is highlighted. This cell address shows up in the name box. active
A __________ is a horizontal line of datat that is identified by a number on the left side. row
A__________ is a vertical line of data that is identified by a letter at the top. column
A____________ is a set of adjoining highlighted cells (ex.B5:B18) range
Values are aligned to the ___________? right
Labels are aligned to the ___________ ? left
A______________is the design of the text ? font
___________combines several cells into one cell and places the text in the middle of the merged cell. merge and center
A __________ places a line around a cell or range of cells. border
______________ is an Excel feature that wil automatically size a cell to accommodate the longest entry without wasting space. autofit
____________or changing text orientation is a feature that is useful to make the headings go up and down or diagonally. rotating
As in Word, _____________ is an easy way to copy formatting from one cell to another. This is especially helpful when the cell contains several formats. format painter
_____________ is the default format for data in a cell general
______________ is the format that displays numerical data so that it is predceded by a dollar sign, such as $4.85. currency
__________ will display the number .60 as 60.0%. percentage
____________ is the format that displays numbers over 999 with commas in appropriate locations, such as 1,950. commas
_____________ means the cell is too narrow to display the answer. #######
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