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CDE words

Latin words

nupti-ae arum 1f marriage rites/wedding
anim-us i 2m mind
consili-um i 2n plan
dos dot-is 3f dowry
homo homin-is 3m man
bon-us a um good/brave
irride-o irridere 2 laugh at/mock
salue welcome
posc-o poscere 3 demand
promitt-o promittere 3 promise
bene well/thoroughly/rightly
hodie today
occidi I'm done for!
perii I'm lost!
quasi like, similar to
quo where (to)?
secum to ones self
ubi where (at)?
facinus facinor-is 3n deed/crime
onus oner-is 3n load/burden
scelus sceler-is 3n crime/villainy
faci-o facere 3/4 make/do
fer-o ferere (irregular) bear/lead
uol-o (irregular) I want
-ne (at the end of the first word of a sentence) Makes the statement a question
aqu-a ae 1f water
domin-us i 2m master
ocul-us i 2m eye
uicin-us i 2m neighbour
ignis ignis 3m fire
mal-us a um wicked, bad, evil
me-us a um mine/my
salu-us a um safe
tu-us a um your(s)
cogit-o cogitare ponder
rog-o rogare ask
seru-o seruare serve
st-o stare stand
uerber-o uerberare beat/flog
uex-o uexare annoy
mane-o manere I remain/stay
mone-o monere advise/warn
tace-o tacere I am silent
neque neither
numquam never
quid what?
statim immediately/at once
ut how/as
miser-a um us wretched, poor, miserable
pecuni-a ae 1f money
puell-a ae 1f girl
fili-us i 2m son
uir uir-i 2m man/husband
diues duit-is 3m rich (man)
frater fratr-is 3m brother
pater patr-is 3m father
pauper pauper-is 3m.f. poor (person)
soror soror-is 3f sister
uxor uxor-is 3f wife
magn-a us um great, big
optim-a us um best
habe-o habere have/hold/regard
iube-o iubere command
uale goodbye
ita so/thus
nec and...not
nimis too much
-que and
satis enough
tum then
nomen nomen-is 3n name
domum to home
domi at home
pulcher pulchr-a um beautiful
duc-o ducere 3 lead
dic-o dicere 3 speak/say
domum duco I marry (literally 'I bring home')
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