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Microsoft Word 2010B

Computer Apps C,Johnson Block 3

word processing act of creating, editing and producing a text document
ribbon major organizational unit of Microsoft® Word which contains tabs and groups of commands
mail merge personalized letter which is sent to multiple individuals with the only difference being the individuals’ names
macro series of commands or instructions grouped together to accomplish a single command which accomplishes a task automatically
non-printing characters symbols which appear on the screen but are not visible on the printed page
cursor black blinking line located on the document
insertion point location where the text will begin
alignment location of the beginning of the text
word wrap natural ability of text to move to the next line when it does not fit on the current line
hard return process of hitting the enter key and switching lines
soft return switching of lines which occurs naturally during word processing when the end of a line is reached
dragging process of moving the mouse over an area of text
Created by: Vlad Hickman