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Lesson 1-1 SA

Lesson 1-1

Google The de facto standard for search engine sites
Facebook The premier social networking site on the Web. Enable individuals to communicate individually and connect as groups using carious communications tools
Twitter A social networking and blogging site that allows individuals to communicate via short messages
Smartphone a mobile phone with advanced computing ability and internet connectivity. Smartphones combine a mobile phone camera video recorder global positioning system touch screen web browser and wireless high-speed internet connectivity into one device
Tablet a powerful mobile computer similar to a smartphone but with a larger touchscreen tablet computer typically do not have phone service but are capable of high speed internet connection
cloud computing software infrastructure and platform service that are hosted by a remote data center and provided to organizations over the internet
dead link a hyperlink that when clicked sends a web site visitor to a page or resource that does not exist on the server
scalable the ability for a system to function well when it workload is increased or hardware is added to meet user need
search engine the process of important the volume and quality to trafficked to a web site by structuring content to improve search engine ranking
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