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Glass Menagerie

Who wrote the Glass Menagerie play? Tennessee Williams
Where was Tennessee Williams born? Columbus, Mississippi
Why did he change his real name (Thomas Williams III) to Tennessee? That was where his father was born
Who was Rose and what was wrong with her? Tennessee's sister sick with schizophrenia. Her labdomony(surgery) on her brain made her even worse
What was wrong with Tennessee's father, Cornelius Williams? alcoholic, gambled, never home
How and when did Tennessee die? In 1983 from suffocation
How is Laura and Rose's life similar? sisters, ill, dependable, left behind
How is Tennessee and Tom's life alike? Both work in a shoe factory and hate it Want to become a writer Father is absent and raised by mother Family responsibility
VOCAB: Idolently Lazy
VOCAB: Tumalt chos; confusion
VOCAB: inwardly towards, inner, secret
VOCAB: stumblejohn social mistake
VOCAB: Faux pas false step
VOCAB: Pertubation disturbed
VOCAB: Jalopy old car
Symbolism of father photo big impact, constant reminder, he doesn't care
Symbolism of jonquils Amanda's youth, happy and easy times
Symbolism of Yearbook Jim's expectations, Laura's memories
Symbolism of unicorn different, special, uniqueness
Symbolism of broken horn Laura comes to reality, realizes she's not that different
Symbolism of movies Tom's escape from reality
Symbolism of fire escape apartment is distressed and desperate, leave, trapped in implacable fires, Tom goes and leaves quickly, Laura slips because she is too dependent on family and cant leave
Great Depression October 29th, 1929
Where was the Dust Bowl and what did is affect? Oklahoma, Kansas, and Tesax affected by severe soil and erosion(windstorms)
How did advertisements effect the 1920's? 1.Stereotpyes portryed woman shallow 2.wanted romance and beauty 3.focused on nurses, waitresses, and secretaries 4. perfect skin was pale with blush color
The Spanish goverment was hostile and corrupt
Nationalist Franco and Sanjurjo controlled Cadiz, Seville, and Burgos
Republicansim Azara, cintrolled Madrid, Barcelona, Bilba, and Valencia
Bombing on Guernica City destroyed during Spanish civil war Picasso painted a oicture called "Guernica"
Hemingway's writings on the battles "For who, the Bells Toll and "The Fifth Way"
Expressionism 19th century and 20th century-drawings and paintings expressed through emotions
Expressionistic art is recognized by vivid colors Disoration Visual exageration
Dorthea Lane (1895-1965) Photographer of Great Depression with her famous paintings "White ANgel Breadline" and "Migrant Mother"
George Orwell Author of "Homage to Catalonia"
Edvard Munch Painted "The Scream"
Vincent Van Gogh Painted "Starry Night"
What was Laura ashamed of during high school? The brace she wore on her leg
What sport did Jim O'Connor play in high school? Basketball
How does Jim describe Laura? An "old-fashioned" type girl
Who is Jim engaged to? Betty
Which is Laura's favorite piece in the glass memnagerie? The unicorn
What does Laura do in her spare time? Cares for her glass meagerie and plays records
Where does this play take place? St. Louis
What is Jim's nickname for Tom? Shakesphere
What is Mr. Wingfield doing in the picture on the wall? Smiling in his uniform
Where did Laura, Jim and Tom attend school? Soldan High School
Laura's special theme music is? Underlying sorrow
Amanda tells Laura to use the moon to wish for happiness Happiness
Mr. Wingfield left his family for freedom and traveling
What is the name of their yearbook? The Torch
Who is Malvolio? A stage magician
What buisness is across the alley? The Paradise Dance Hall
Created by: rinney109



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