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Digital Arts

Digital Arts Exam Review

1. In Illustrator, create outlines does the same thing as expand. true
2. What do you use to apply designs to t-shirts? heat press
3. Photoshop is a raster based program. true
4. Before creating something on the computer, always: make a sketch
5. What printer are color composites printed on? HP 5525
6. What size paper is letter? 8.5 x 11
7. The G in RGB stands for? Green
8. The right click on a PC can be performed on a MAC by what key commands? click control
9. The term bitmap is the same as raster? true
10. The R in RGB stands for? red
11. To make a layer be invisible, you... click the eye
12. A typical ream of 20 lbs. is ______ sheets of paper. 500 pages
13. Color can't attract attention. false
14. What is it called when the paper is vertically tall (up and down). portrait
15. How far away do the cut marks need to be from the page? 1/8"
16. Pixels are tiny dots of individual color that create an image. true
17. In Level 4 of _________ students will be required to perform an Internship. Digital Arts and Design
18. In Illustrator, how do you add new art boards? go to Art board window and add new art boards
19. Color seperations are to be printed on which printer? HP 5200
20. Portfolios show work that could be expected from you? true
21. What is the correct size of the circle in a registration mark? .25 x .25
22. Spot colors are the same as CMYK. false
23. There are 4 levels of Digital Arts and Design. true
24. Pantone colors are also known as spot colors. true
25. Type faces or styles represent or evoke emotion or feeling. true
26. What is stroke? the thickness of a line forming a character element
27. In Illustrator you can save a file in different formats, such .pdf or .ai true
28. What size of paper is legal? 8.5 x 14
29. The K in CMYK stands for black? true
30. In Illustrator, when you merge two shapes together you use the ______. pathfinder
31. ________: An image that extends to the edge of a printed page after the page is trimmed. bleed
32. The command shift command m is used for what? move
33. The key command for paste in front is... command f
34. What size of paper is tabloid? 11 x 17
35. All color separations are on the ______ printer. HP 5200
36. Computer and video monitors emit CMYK. false
37. Image resolution can be very low for web but needs to be high for printing. true
38. In Illustrator, the _______ tool is used to draw an object when you recreate an image. pen
39. When trapping by overprinting a 8pt stroke, you have how much trap? 4 pt
40. In Illustrator, to check the size of an object go to the _______ tab. transform
41. The device used to hold you notepads as you put on the pad adhesive? padding press
42. If your paper is opaque, then you can't see through the paper at all
43. MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheets true
44. The Pantone system of color specification is the most widely used system in the graphic communications industry. true
45. What class is an introductory class that will expose students to how products are printed and techniques? Graphic Communications
46. What is a composite? A printed copy of your design in full color
47. How old is Saluda the dog? 6
48. Full color digital printing is produced through the use of RGB. false
49. In Digital Arts and Design, level 3, students are required to do ______. 2 job shadows and is for 3 college credits
50. When trapping two colors 95% of the time you should... add a stroke and overprint the stroke
51. The size of a normal business card would be... 3.5 x 2.0
52. An image sharpness of clarity is known as its resolution? true
53. What is the science of fitting the job to the worker? ergonomics
54. Overprint is found in... attributes
55. Process colors are magenta, cyan, yellow, and black
56. OSHA stands for... Occupational Safety and Health Administration
57. What orientation should a design be in before being printed for making a t-shirt? mirrored
58. The correct length of a registration mark line would be... 1/2"
59. What is the process we use for printing t-shirts? sublimation
60. How many business cards are there in a 12-up job? 12 cards
61. To center objects we use the _____ tool or menu? align
62. Computers need to be shutdown before you leave class. true
63. When you create a small area of overlap between colors to compensate for potential gaps, then you are _____. trapping
64. The key command to create a new folder is? shift command n
65. In Illustrator, the layer on top is the one you see first. true
66. What is the rule of thumb for trapping? when two colors touch, then trap them
67. Graphic design as a profession is a service based industry. true
68. The key command for rulers is? command r
69. Process color will give you how many color separations? 4
70. _______: Process of dividing the colors of a multicolored original into the printing primaries (CMY) and black (K). The CMYK separations are made into film and used to prepare printing plates. color separations
71. The size of the document for printing t-shirts is. 11 x 17
72. How many points are in an inch? 72
73. Marks that are used when printing to show where to trim cut marks
74. Name the machine that was used to print the notepads. Riso
75. Both vector and bitmaps are made up of pixels? false
76. Additive color are. RGB
77. In Illustrator to check the size of an object go to the _____ tab. transform
78. Subtractive colors are. CYMK
79. The Heat press should be at what temperature to make a sublimation t-shirt print? 375 degrees
80. What introduction class will expose students to the creative aspect of printing as well as briefly touching on design? Digital Arts and Design
81. What type of program is Illustrator? a vector program
82. What is the command used to turn text into a graphic? expand or create outlines
83. Marks that are used to line up the colors when printing. register marks
84. How many 2.0 x 3.5" notecards can you fit on a landscape 8.5 x 11 piece of paper? 12
85. Images that are typically found on the web are? raster
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