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bible quiz 12-23 LMM

pastor of a church in Irvington, NJ who said "We need a full time worker to minister? Reginald Yake
Co pastor of the glad tidings tabernacle this meeting was held in this church? Stanley Berg
Police captain, secretary treasurer Paul Dilena
after the first thirteen weeks, how much were they in debt? $4,500.00
what was the name of the movie that they made and what was it about? VAULTERS ON MY VAINS ; DRUG ADDICTION
In spite of a successful television program, what vital ingredient was missing form the ministry of David Wilkerson? personal contact
Give 2 examples given of Biblical characters using faith? MOSES- raised his staff and the water parted JOSHUA- blew his trumpet and the walls fell down at Jericho
describe the fleece David put before the Lord about the money he needed to purchase the house? he would raise all the money in one afternoon and without the people knowing how much he needed
who was the chairmen of the board and he introduced david to other people who could help the ministry? Walter Hoving
what was Gwen's idea about cleaning out the old house? ask the churches to find teenagers to help
what two Bible colleges sent students to work in New York with David? Central Bible College in Missouri & Lee college in Tennessee
what key word did David say to remember about the gangs of New York? violence
what were the slang words used for "home" horror house & prison
who was one of the first boys to experience a healing of personality at the center? & what was his trade (job) ? George & Jeweler
howard culver's wife did what job at the center and did what? Barbara Culver/registered nurse
how did elaine descrive Christ's love? love with no strings attached
what 3 rules did the center suggest for the protection of its workers 1. travel in groups of 2 or 3's 2. girls aren't allowed to have contact with the boys or vis versa 3. workers must make contact with each other during the night
what was Operation Gang lift? in the hot summer days they would take the boys to hidden valley farm
who were two of the people involved in operation gang lift Nicky and Gloria
what were some of the things that the teenagers, across America, did to help raise money for the center/ how much did they send in every week? wash cars, baby sit, mow lawns/ 50ยข
what was important about August 28, 1961? 2nd mortgage was due $15,000.00
what did "death on the installment plain" mean? taking drugs mainlining
by far the most addicting drug in New York was _________ and it was derived of made from what? Opium and poppy
david discovered that ______ ___ ____ _______ _________ was the only thing that would take drug addiction away completely? Baptism by the Holy Spirit
As Joseph shared his story, he name 4 things that let him know that his life was changing list 3 of 4 things? loved everybody, felt clean for the 1st time, didn't want drugs, wasn't lonely
list 5 special gifts that are given by the Holy Spirit * LAPHP/ liberty, a comforter, power, hope, protection
shortly after her baptism, Maria met up with some ex- hang members. Describe what happened in this incident. they asked her for $$$$$ to buy drugs she refused they beat her up, stole her $$$$$ & then knifed her.
what was the current bank balance for the center on this day? $14.00
on the final morning the morning chapel service began as scheduled describe what happened next? the mail had a check for $15,000.00 it had arrived
david and linda were praying for who to stop mainlining? Maria
In the movie, who plays David? Pat Boone
What is different about Jo-Jo in the movie? she's a girl
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