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S.S Q2

what was to purpose of new England town meeting? there were first attempts of democracy where men of town met to discuss and make decision concerning the town
what were major cash crops cotton corn indigo tobacco
''middle passage'' refer to... the shipping of enslaved Africans across the Atlantic ocean to the Americans from Africa
slavery was used in the southern colonies for what reasons to help grow cash crops
the key results of the french and Indian war were... the french were forced out of the north America increased taxes on the American colonist
the colonist major complaint with the new British taxes was based on no taxation without representation and independents
no-------- without -------'' became the colonists cry 1 taxation 2 representation
the declaration of independence did what list the reasons and where government power came from
key British strategies for winning the American revolution were blockade key ports like Boston conquer new york separating the colonist into two parts gain control of the Hudson river
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